Jenn Sebastian

Helping Business Owners spend more time ON their business and less time IN their business!

As a solo-preneur you have big plans for your business, but you find there isn’t enough time or energy to implement them!

Do you find yourself spending more time IN your business leaving you little time to spend ON your business?

Are you stuck constantly doing day-to-day tasks that need to get done, instead of things that you actually love doing?

Are the tasks of running your rockstar business keeping you from being able to achieve your goals?

As a solo-preneur, I know you wear many hats in your business but you can’t wear them all! You’ll find yourself doing everything, even the things that are not your favorite simple because “someone has to do them”. You started your business because you had drive, passion and a need to solve a big problem for your clients. The day-to-day tasks of keeping your business running are taking up your valuable time, and taking you away from serving your clients!

Stop it already and get the help you truly need!

It’s time to stop, really! Your clients need you to

focus your time and energy on the things only

YOU can do. Free up your time by getting out of

the day-to-day tasks and do more of what you

truly loveDo more of the work ON your

business and less of the tasks that keep you

stuck IN your business. Eliminate the feeling

of overwhelmlet go and share the daily tasks.

I promise it will be okay! You can get the help you

need to create the life you want!

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